Monday, July 27, 2015


"We are all caught in a trap. It goes like this: Our religion promotes the good character qualities of hard work & honesty; hard work & honesty usually mean that a man gets ahead; getting ahead involves making money; making money implies success & luxury; success & love of luxury can come between the man & God.

This means that you & I are in a dangerous position. We are 'successful' people. We are reasonably 'well-off.' We are tempted to love our luxuries more than our Lord.

For the material success that comes from our hard work & honesty is hard to control. In fact, it can lead us to wanting more & forgetting God."

 (From 'Kings in Shirtsleeves' by William P. Barker)

Psalms 62:10 (MKJV): "…If riches increase, do not set your heart on them."

"If a person gets his attitude toward money straight, it will help straighten out almost every other area in his life."  - Billy Graham.


Mary listened with quiet envy as the speaker at the women's retreat talked in glowing terms of the way the Lord had marvelously provided for her need.

Mary wished that would happen to her.

Later in the retreat, she was spellbound as another speaker told of the amazing opportunity the Lord had given her to testify & how several women in deep despair had opened their hearts to Christ.

Mary longed for God to use her in a powerful way, but she didn't expect it to happen.

Mary's routine involved getting her husband off to work & her children to school, caring for her home, working a couple of days a week & helping in their church. She didn't think there was much opportunity to be used mightily by God.

With all the emphasis on the spectacular these days, it's easy for us to lose sight of the fact that God is the God of everyday living. It seems that we're always looking for some great display of His power in our lives. But what the Lord desires is for us to focus on doing His will from our heart each day, delighting in humble service for Him.

- (

Eph 6:7 (ISV): "Serve willingly, as if you were serving the Lord and not merely people."

"It is true that we may desire much more. But let us use what we have, and God will give us more."  - Adoniram Judson.

Friday, July 24, 2015


A man was marooned on a desolate island. After he had been there alone for five years he was found & rescued.

As he climbed into the rescue boat the curious rescuers noticed three grass huts.

“We thought you were alone, why are there three huts,” they asked.

The man replied, “The first hut is my home; the second is my church.”

“What about the third hut?”

“Oh, that’s the church I used to belong to!”

"When the horse is dead - dismount!" - Rick Warren.

"A good church is a Bible-centered church. Nothing is as important as this - not a large congregation, a witty pastor, or tangible experiences." - Alistair Begg.

Act 2:44 (CEV): "All the Lord's followers often met together, and they shared everything they had."


A missionary was once questioning his class of boys on the meaning of Matt. 5:5, (that says: "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.") and asked, "Who are the meek?"

 A boy answered, "Those who give soft answers to rough questions."

- The Biblical Illustrator (

"The meek are not those who are never at all angry, for such are insensible; but those who, feeling anger, control it, and are angry only when they ought to be." – Theophylact.

Col 3:12 (CEV): "God loves you and has chosen you as his own special people. So be gentle, kind, humble, meek, and patient."

"Meekness is power under control". - Warren Wiersbe.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


One New Year’s Day, in the Tournament of Roses parade, a beautiful float suddenly stopped. It was out of gas. The whole parade was held up until someone could get a can of gas.

The amusing thing was this float represented the Standard Oil Company. With its vast oil resources, its truck was out of gas.

Even though Christians have access to God’s unlimited power, if we do not avail ourselves to it we will run out of power.

- (

Act 1:8 (GNB): "But when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will be filled with power, and you will be witnesses for me in Jerusalem, in all of Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

"When a man has no strength, if he leans on God, he becomes powerful." - D.L. Moody.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Intending to raise cattle, a family from New York bought a large farm out West.

When their friends visited & inquired about the farm’s name, the would-be rancher replied: “I wanted to name it the 'Bar-J'.  My wife favored 'Suzy-Q', one of our sons wanted the 'Flying-W' & the other liked the 'Lazy-Y'. So we’re calling it the 'Bar-J-Suzy-Q-Flying-W-Lazy-Y.'”

“But where are all your cattle?” the friends asked.

“None survived the branding,” was the reply.

- (

2Co 13:11 (ESV): "Finally, brothers, rejoice. Aim for restoration, comfort one another, AGREE WITH ONE ANOTHER, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you."

Monday, July 20, 2015


A man had a habit of grumbling at the food his wife placed before him at family meals. Then he would ask the blessing.

One day after his usual combination complaint-prayer, his little girl asked, “Daddy, does God hear us when we pray?”

“Why, of course,” he replied. “He hears us every time we pray.”

She paused on this a moment, and asked, “Does He hear everything we say the rest of the time?”

“Yes, dear, every word,” he replied, encouraged that he had inspired his daughter to be curious about spiritual matters. However, his pride was quickly turned to humility at his daughter’s next question.

“Then, which does God believe?”

- (

Php 2:14 (CEV): "Do everything without grumbling or arguing."

"We would worry less if we praised more. Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction."  - Harry Ironside.